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Rukajärven Kelopirtit are following below terms and conditions in booking and cancelling the booking reservations. These terms come into effect once the tenant has paid the deposit (first payment) for reserving Rukajärven Kelopirtit, or he/she has paid both the deposit and the final payment at the same time.  




Rukajarven Kelopirtit applies the following conditions to bookings, reservations and cancellations of its cottage holiday services. These conditions are binding on both parties once the client has paid the deposit referred to in these conditions.

A booking is confirmed once the client has paid the deposit 20% of the cottage rent. The remaining amount must be paid at the latest one (1) month before the holiday is due to start (IBAN:FI97 5741 3610 0207 75; BIC: OKOYFIHH). If the booking is made less than one month before the start of the rental period, the remaining amount is due on the day that the holiday starts. In that case the rental payment can also be paid in cash to the caretaker of the cottages, when the client picks up the key of the cottage. The remaining amount, the due date and the account number can be seen on the payment page of the booking system.


Any cancellations must be made to Rukajärven Kelopirtit in writing (by letter, e-mail or telefax). The date on which Rukajärven Kelopirtit receives the notification will be regarded as the date of the cancellation. Should the client be able to prove that the cancellation was made and sent to the right address at the right time, the cancellation may be accepted despite the late arrival or failure to arrive.
In the case of a cancellation, the client will forfeit the deposit. If the cancellation is made less than 21 days before the start of the stay, the client will be charged the entire sum for the accommodation. If the accommodation can be rented to another client from whom the equivalent sum is obtained, the deposit will be retained by Rukajärven Kelopirtit as a cancellation fee.
Regardless of the above, all sums with the exception of the deposit paid to Rukajärven Kelopirtit, will be refunded, if the client or a person from the same household falls seriously ill, has an accident or dies. In this case, Rukajärven Kelopirtit must be informed immediately of the cancellation, which must be properly verified by, for example, a doctor's certificate. If the cancellation is made less than 48 hours from the start of the holiday or during the holiday, payments already made by the client will not be refunded.
A charge of Euros 15 will be made for any changes to bookings (accommodation, dates, extra services or number of persons). All changes must be made at least five (5) weeks before the start of the stay. Any changes made after this date will be treated as a cancellation of the previous booking and a subsequent new booking.

Rukajärven Kelopirtit may cancel a booking in the event of a force majeure. In this case, the client is entitled to a full refund of the sum paid.

The keys to the Rukajarven Kelopirtit will be handed over to the client at the time of the arrival as estimated and notified to the caretaker by phone or in writing. In the case of a one-week stay, the Kelopirtit will be at the client's disposal from 16.00 (4 pm) on the day of arrival to 12.00 (12 noon) on the day of departure. In the case of a weekend stay, the Kelopirtit will be at the client's disposal from Friday afternoon at 16.00 (4 pm) to Sunday at 12.00 (12 noon). In summer the weekly rent includes use of the boat.

The rent of the Kelopirtit covers the furnishings, cooking and eating utensils, and fuel for heating, cooking and lighting. Mattresses, bed covers and pillows are included in the rent. Sheets and towels are for rent at a separate price or the client can bring their own sheets and towels. The client is responsible for the cleaning the Kelopirtit during the rental period and on departure. If the client fails to do the cleaning at the end of the rental period and the caretaker must clean the Kelopirtit before the next client arrives, the caretaker will be entitled to charge the client a supplementary fee of at least Euros 75 for the cleaning.

The number of people using the Kelopirtit must not exceed the number of sleeping places stated in the description. Please check upon arrival that the fire alarms are working and inform the house keeper, if new batteries are needed. Also to familiarize yourselves with the fire exits and locations of fire extinguishers (by the main door).  Burning candles and fire in stoves must be always supervised by adults. Smoking cigarettes is not allowed in the cottages and when smoking outside, cigarrettes must be put out all the way before putting them in trash. Using fireworks is not allowed in the cottage surroundings.  

Tents and caravans are not permitted on the Kelopirtit plot without the owner's permission. Permission is also needed for rental hot tubes (additional cost for water and heating must be paid).  Snowmobile riding is forbidden in the area (staff excluded). 

The client will be required to pay the caretaker directly for any damage caused to the Kelopirtit or its furnishings.
Rukajärven Kelopirtit will not be liable for any damage or inconvenience incurred by the client in the event of an unpredictable natural phenomenon, power failure, etc., (force majeure) that was not caused by Rukajärven Kelopirtit and that Rukajärven Kelopirtit could not with all due reason foresee.

Any objections and complaints regarding the holiday accommodation must be made immediately the cause for them arises during the holiday period and addressed to the caretaker directly. Should the matter still not be satisfactorily attended to, the client may make a written complaint to Rukajärven Kelopirtit. Normally, this should be done within one month of the end of the rental period.

The contracting parties will attempt to resolve any disputes out of court. Should they fail to reach an agreement, any disputes will be settled by Kuusamo District Court. The contract is governed solely by Finnish law.

Rukajärven Kelopirtit reserves the right to correct any errors in the price list before a rental agreement is made. Once an agreement has been made, Rukajärven Kelopirtit has the right to raise or duty to reduce the agreed price in the event of any changes in the taxes or public charges affecting the price of the holiday service.

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