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Kuusamo area is packed with beautiful sights, sporting and shopping possibilities and great food.  The popular Vuosseli skiing track is located nearby the cottages, and the ever evolving Ruka skiing resort services are not far away. Additional services can be found in Kuusamo town within a 30 minute car drive. The are also free time activitities outside the service centers, for instance in the walking distance (about 2 km) there is Lammintupa, favorite place for families, as you can see for intance reindeers and huskys there. In the summer time you can connect to the famous and stunning Karhunkierros-trail via the paths in the forest.




Winter - white days and northern lights

Ruka is the Ski Resort of the year 2003 and 2014 in Finland. The downhill ski season in Ruka starts as early as in October and ends in May. There are activities for everyone. Snowboarders are offered the treat of two streets. For alpine and telemark skiing you will find a slope for your level. If you prefer more traditional way of winter sports Ruka offers you excellent routes of illuminated cross country ski tracks. You are also able to join the ski tracks straight from Rukajärven Kelopirtit. Connecting unofficial route contains several deep and speedy declines and it's use is totally at your own risk.  Vuosseli ski track is very popular, as there are several cafes to stop at.  Other winter activities offered are snowmobile and husky safaris, snowshoe hiking and if you are an enthuastic fisherman you can try out ice fishing in the lake Rukajärvi. Please familiarize yourself with the Public Access Law, although it grants the rights to very freely enjoy outdoors, e.g. snowmobiles are only allowed to drive in official routes, not at the cottage area (excluding our staff). 

All sorts of sports equipment can be obtained from various rental services in the Ruka Area. Ruka has a wide selection of restaurants. The Lappish menu is highly recommended- as well as bistros and nightclubs, where to have fun in the evenings. Or you can opt for the hot waters of Spa Kuusamon Tropiikki just to relax after a day outdoors. If you are lucky you might spot the Northern lights in the the night! They can be seen usually in the period of mid-August to mid-April.

Summer - nightless nights

In the summer Kuusamo offers you a variety of marked hiking routes such as Karhunkierros with it's stunning views and nightless nights. There are whitewaters and beautiful sites everywhere, far away from the rush and bustle of city life. Also there are summer actions such as whitewater rafting, canoeing, paddling and fishing. Rukajärven Kelopirtit owns also two rowboats, which are located on the lakes of Rukajärvi and Vuosseli. The nightless night lasts from around mid-June till the end of the month, but the summer nights are light during the whole summer period.

Kuusamo are offers in addition other ways to relax during summer time, such as golfing, horse riding or bird watching.

More information about the events and activities can be found from RUKA Home pages.

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